Type Of Safety Protective Glasses

- Apr 10, 2018 -

1.the protective glasses for solid breaking are mainly used to prevent mechanical damage to eyes, such as metal or sand and debris. Glasses and spectacle frames should be sturdy and resistant to attack. There are shading edges around the frame, and there should be ventilation holes on them. Protective glass can be toughened glass, colloidal glass or copper wire mesh.

2.protective glasses against chemical solutions are mainly used to prevent chemical damage to eyes caused by irritating or corrosive solutions. Can choose ordinary lenses, frames should be covered to prevent splashing into the solution. Usually used in laboratories, hospitals and other places, general medical glasses can be used.

3.radiation protection glasses are used to protect the eyes from excessive ultraviolet rays. Lenses are made of special glass that can reflect or absorb radiation, but can pass through certain visible light. The lenses are plated with a bright chrome, nickel, mercury or silver metal film that can reflect the radiation line, blue lenses absorb infrared, yellow green lenses absorb ultraviolet and infrared, and colorless lead lenses absorb X rays and gamma rays. For example, common electric welding glasses, the light transmittance of the lens is relatively low, so the color of the lens is mostly ink color. Laser protection glasses, as the name suggests, can prevent the laser radiation to glasses, so the lens is very high, such as the selection of the light source, attenuation rate, light reaction time, light density, light transmission efficiency. For example, different nano (nm) lasers need different lenses.

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