Factors Affecting The Performance Of Dustproof Mask

- Apr 10, 2018 -

The function of dust respirator, as the name suggests, is to prevent dust inhalation. The key is the performance of filter media.

1. Fiber fineness of filter material

It is represented by fiber diameter, with a unit of micron. Generally, the fiber diameter of the dust mask is less than 5 microns, and the diameter of the polypropylene fiber is 4 microns, and the fiber diameter of the perchloroethylene superfine fiber filter is less than 2 microns. There is a positive correlation between the drug use and the efficiency of dust suppression, that is, the finer the fiber is, the higher the efficiency of dust suppression.

2. The structure of the filter material

The structure of filter material is related to the production process of filter material. At present, the main forming process of synthetic fiber nonwoven filter material is acupuncture, direct injection, bonding, hot melt and so on. And most of the hot melt injection molding method, and in this way can use two or more than two different fiber materials composite molding, improve the efficiency of dust resistance, there are more soft, good air permeability.

3. The charge of the filter material

The size of the filter material two is positively correlated with the composition efficiency, that is, the larger the static charge is, the higher the dust removal efficiency is.

When the dust passes through the filter material, the following situation occurs:

(1) collision interception: when the dust particle size is larger than the gap between the filter material, the dust collide on the surface of the filter material and changes the direction because of the reaction of inertia and force, settling and adhering to the surface of the filter material.

(2) trap effect: there are burrs on the fiber. When dust passes through filter material, it is blocked by burrs on fiber to prevent particles from penetrating.

(3) multi-layer filtering: filter material is woven by superfine fibers to weave each other into a network, and is a multi-layer "three-dimensional structure", when the dust is intercepted by layers through the filter material.

(4) electrostatic effect: the filter material has the static charge, which produces the repellent to the quite polar dust particles, and the adsorption effect on the heterosexual dust particles, that is, to capture the dust.

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