Smart helmets - secure on the cloud

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Hard hats are everywhere in our daily lives, and how to choose a helmet is also a matter of learning. First of all, we must choose those helmets that meet the requirements of national standards, have complete marks, and pass the inspection. Secondly, it is necessary to understand the protective performance and structural characteristics of the helmet to see if it meets its own requirements. At the same time, we must also carefully refer to the methods of use and maintenance measures, so that we can better use it for us and bring us safety. How to choose the helmet of our head has become the direction of everyone's research.


  The emergence of smart helmets has broken our previous understanding of helmets, and the advanced technology it promotes represents advanced productivity. Using security production and the Internet + mutual integration, let us see the convenience of cloud storage. Boldly break through the traditional design, effectively improve the safety production of enterprises, meet the security production work requirements of the security supervision visual command system, can effectively solve the current group can not be real-time, visual, and efficient response to the management and disposal of emergencies.

  The smart helmet device has functions such as high-definition video capture, voice communication intercom, danger source detection and warning, and local storage. Servers and services are deployed on the cloud platform. As long as customers purchase and lease hard hats and client software, they can enjoy all the functions. This has simplified the pressure on information system maintenance and realized zero maintenance costs. Because of trust, I have it. We believe that smart helmets will definitely bring us more convenience in the future.

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