Safety glasses, safety precautions

- Jul 12, 2018 -

Protective glasses, also known as labor insurance glasses, are divided into two categories: safety glasses and protective masks. The main purpose is to protect the eyes and face from electromagnetic waves such as ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and microwaves.

Used to protect against chemical damage to the eyes from irritating or corrosive solutions. Ordinary flat lenses can be used, and the frames should be covered to prevent splashing of the solution. It is usually used in laboratories, hospitals, etc., and general medical glasses can be used universally.


Radiation-proof protective glasses are used to protect against eye damage caused by excessive ultraviolet rays and other radiation. The lens is made of special glass that reflects or absorbs radiation but transmits some visible light. The lens is coated with a bright chrome, nickel, mercury or silver metal film that reflects the radiation.

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