Automatic variable photoelectric welding mask use precautions

- Aug 02, 2018 -

1. Automatic variable photoelectric welding mask can not be used for high-strength overhead welding, looking up the cutting operation, because there is a risk of molten metal dripping combustion. When wearing an electric welding dust mask, care should be taken to avoid the electric welding mask affecting the airtight mask.

2. When using the automatic photoelectric welding mask, please refer to the instructions for use. In the arc welding and gas welding operations, protect the wearer's eyes from harmful visible light, ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, and sparks and splashes.

3. Do not use it for any welding work until you have been trained in the use of automatic photoelectric welding masks.

4. Do not use other brands of automatic photoelectric welding mask lenses to use them at will, which will attenuate the protective performance of the products.

5. Try to use original parts such as internal protective lenses and external protective lenses according to the product part numbers in the automatic photoelectric welding mask instructions. Replacement with other products may damage the product's protective features and void the warranty, or result in a product that does not match the product's level of protection and certification.

6. After the frame is broken or scratched, it affects the field of view and seriously reduces the protection ability, so please replace it as soon as possible.


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